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Sick offers 3D smart camera for flexible plastic parts inspection

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In an automatic testing unit, a 3D smart camera combined with an encoder enables flexible quality checking of a wide range of different plastic parts.

The Czech company Provys specializes in the construction of specialist machines for the automobile and electro-technical industries. The customer AKT requested the development of an inspection system which could check a variety of plastic parts, such as lock covers for cars, for a wide range of different characteristics.

The final aim was to create a solution which could write the measurement values and records of the parts inspections in LOG files so that the production and inspection data for individual parts could be accessed at any time.

For this task, Provys developed an inspection system in which a 3D smart camera (IVC-3D) is moved over the test objects by a linear motor. The smart camera scans the test objects with its integrated laser-optic system and generates a profile section.

The 3D smart cameras use the recorded data to determine – unaffected by surface colours and contrast – which of the part-specific inspection characteristics programmed into the system are present and which are absent. Both the smart camera and the encoder can be parameterized, meaning that Provys can adapt this entire highly-flexible system to new inspection characteristics at any time.

The 3D smart camera solution inspects parts with high precision and availability. It is ideal for Provys, as it requires only one camera and no extra lighting, due to the built-in laser sensor. The user-friendly 3D smart cameras are also efficient and flexible, and can be independently adapted to new parts or characteristics. It is available from Sick .

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