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Sick introduces HLG high-resolution light curtain

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The new HLG high-resolution light curtain from Sick is the ideal solution for all applications in which letters, small bags of baking powder, instant salad dressing in portioned bags, or other flat objects on a conveyor belt require reliable detection.

This has been made possible by its constant resolution of 2 mm over the entire detection range, a low switching hysteresis, and fast response time currently available from the HLG high-resolution light curtains that are just 3 ms.

With these properties, the HLG high-resolution light curtains provide ideal detection solutions, e.g. in rapid mail-sorting systems, in packaging machines with high throughput rates, for counting small parts or for checking rejections.

The HLG high-resolution light curtain provides a fixed detection height of maximum 50 mm. Around 26 transmission or reception elements are accommodated in each of the two robust IP65 metal housings. The teach-in of objects (supported by three indicator LEDs), and the synchronisation of transmitter and receiver via cable, ensure rapid commissioning and maximum stability of the taught-in switching threshold.

Small gaps sufficient for single object detection

Due to the short response time, objects can be located close together on the conveyor belt in the goods distribution centre. The HLG high-resolution light curtain provides reliable detection of front edges at a transport speed of 120 m/min even with small gaps of just a few millimetres between the individual objects. The switching signal can optionally be provided via NPN or PNP.

Minimum power uptake

The HLG high-resolution light curtain can properly be described as a power-saver. With just 100 mA for 26 beams HLG high-resolution light curtain also sets the standard for energy and operating costs an argument that becomes increasingly important with the number of systems involved in a complete project.

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