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SICK will present a wide range of products on Stand 313, at National Manufacturing Week, including sensors for factory automation, safety systems, analysers, automatic ID, and laser measurement systems.

SICK is the Platinum and major sponsor for FutureSafe, the safety in the workplace section of NMW.

The present range of optical and inductive sensors available from SICK reflect the experience gained through more than 50 years' partnership with almost all branches of factory automation.

SICK's sensors optimise production and logistical processes and thus play their part in improving product quality.

Detecting, counting, classifying and positioning objects; detecting shape, orientation, colour and surface differences - even under extreme environmental conditions.

The program of products and services include: colour sensors; contrast scanners; distance measurement sensors; inductive proximity sensors; light section scanners; luminescence scanners; magnetic cylinder sensors; magnetic proximity sensors; p/e proximity switches for roller conveyors; photoelectric proximity switches; photoelectric reflex switches; photoelectric slot sensors; photoelectric switches with fibre-optic cables; light grids; through-beam photoelectric switches; capacitive sensors; ultrasonic sensors; rotary encoders.

Industrial safety systems

Wherever access or danger areas need to be reliably and cost-effectively protected, SICK safety systems are in demand. State-of-the-art sensor technology, modular design, compact dimensions and a broad range of applications form the basis for safe and efficient manufacturing processes.

Revolutionary safety products that have set standards in many branches have been developed as a result of many years' experience with numerous industrial applications.

SICK's comprehensive expertise in the planning, implementation and operation of safety systems has made them number one in this sector.

The program of products and services include: laser area scanners PLS/RLS/S3000; laser scanner interfaces; photoelectric safety switches; safety light curtains; safety light grids; safety interlocks low duty; safety interlocks heavy duty; safety interlocks ultra heavy duty; safety interlocks, non-contact; Safexpert - software for CE marking; through-beam P/E switches for safeguarding access.

Analysers & process instrumentation

Customer-specific solutions for all measuring tasks. Solutions for measuring gas, water, liquids, levels, and special applications - whereas in the past you had to turn to different providers for your measurement technology, now you can rely on one.

We integrate a wide range of measuring principles to provide all-in-one solutions. You can rely on SICK-MAIHAK innovative technology & quality.

Tailored Engineering and Planning. To ensure that our measuring technology is tailored to your production plant, we develop complete and turnkey solutions. We integrate our expertise in every area - from planning, engineering and production, right through to quality assurance.

The program of products and services includes: gas analysis in-situ measurement; gas analysis extractive measurement; dust measurement; flow measurement; data acquisition; water analysis (TOC); liquid analysis; level measurement; tunnel sensors.

Automatic identification & laser measurement systems

SICK'S most modern barcode readers are found wherever products or goods must be identified quickly and reliably. For example, in storage and conveyor technology, in the production of electronics, in the processing of documents, during recycling, or for robot handling and sample distribution systems.

They reliably detect structures, positions and contours, regardless of the target object. They are also used wherever smooth manufacturing processes and safe traffic flows are required.

The program of products and services includes: 2D-code-readers; barcode scanners; barcode scanner - systems; barcode scanner - hand held scanners; barcode scanner - bus connection modules; barcode scanner - connection modules; laser measurement systems - bulkscan; laser measurement systems - indoor; laser measurement systems - outdoor; laser measurement interface; laser measurement systems - volume measurement.

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