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Sensors for all system environments available from SICK

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Open communication is all-important also, or particularly, in automation technology. SICK is an active participant in numerous bus projects, and designs its sensors to be open for all system environments.

The good fieldbus is always the one that the customer uses in their machines and plant. Good sensors must therefore not only detect reliably, but also be able to participate in bus traffic like the MLG automation light grid, the KT 8 CAN contrast scanner or the sensors of the new AS-I stainless steel field module.

The Profibus in the proven MLG light grid is new. The bus node is entirely accommodated within the sensor housing. Doing away with the otherwise usual external gateway makes driving the Profibus with the MLG light grid particularly economical, as the integrated bus connection saves about 200 Euros. Users need not wait long for departure of the MLG Profibus.

The MLG Profibus has its own PNO number to register the new participant in bus traffic in the machine controller. The corresponding GSD file, that allows the sensor’s data output to be interpreted by the PLC, can be downloaded at the website. The device-specific parameters and application-specific measurement functions can be selected via a menu, so the MLG Profibus is ready for operation after just a few mouse-clicks. If required, all device parameters can be transmitted to further light grids via Profibus, they are stored in the machine controller.

Parameter download is also a key phrase for the KT 8 CAN contrast scanner. The CAN interface intelligently integrates the sensor in the control system of, for example, a packaging machine. The advantage: the sensor settings stored for the various types of packaging, generally with differing contrasts, can be automatically downloaded as parameter sets for each new order.

This prevents spurious settings and reduces equipping times. Processes can be automatically readjusted and thoroughly documented, e.g. in the pharmaceuticals sector in compliance with CRF21, Part 11. Finally the CAN interface allows rapid remote diagnosis via modem.

The new AS-Interface ASI-S24261 is a field module in the IP 69K stainless steel housing. The new AS-Interface ASI-S24261 allows up to four sensors to be connected to the AS-Interface bus in the harsh food and beverages sector. There are also four digital outputs available for actuators. High temperatures of up to 70 °C and aggressive cleaning regimes, e.g. steam hoses, have no effect on the function of the fully encapsulated interface module.

As a whole, in addition to the above-mentioned sensors, SICK’s range of products provides a wide variety of fieldbus-enabled components for automation, safety and identification technology.

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