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Safety light curtains from Sick  reduce access times for picking from a horizontal storage carousel and also protects operating personnel.

Barrier-free access monitoring with miniTwin Safety Light Curtains

The safety doors fitted on the original version of the HOCA at Spanish company ET Systems Global Storage Solutions were replaced by miniTwin safety light curtains. In the miniTwin, the sender and receiver are both located in the same stick. The protective field at safety level type 4/PL e/SIL3 has no blind zone, as two sticks are installed at 180° to each other, so that the sender and receiver modules are located opposite each other.

The miniTwins are installed horizontally at the work points, so they are protected from damage and misalignment. Rows of LEDs on the device show the operator the status of the safeguard. If someone reaches into the protective field while the container is moving, the HOCA stops immediately. Goods removal during picking is direct, i.e. there is no time-consuming opening and closing of a safety door. This guarantees a smooth removal and picking of items which is significantly quicker and more flexible.

The miniTwin safety light curtains are a proven method of safeguarding of workstations, improved picking performance, and operator acceptance. The miniTwin safety light curtains enable risk-free safeguarding of HOCA workstations without any negative effects on the work process.

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