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article image The S3000 -- 75% performance increase.
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LARGE machines or rapidly moving autonomous vehicles are the beneficiaries of the seven-metre-deep protective field of the new S 3000 safety laser scanner from SICK .

This 75% increase in performance, which now also allows completely new tasks to be opened up, has been made possible by optimised laser diode control and improved evaluation algorithms.

The improved performance achieved with the S 3000 is largely based on progress in a variety of technologies since the first PLS laser scanners were introduced about ten years ago.

This is most clearly seen with the range. Particularly short pulses can be generated as a result of optimised laser diode control. This allows the permissible protective field radius to be expanded from 4 m to 7 m - while retaining Laser Protection Class 1.

The successor of the technology trend-setter PLS is used for horizontal safeguarding of hazardous areas and points-of-operation, as well as for the vertical safeguarding of, for example, access - a completely new area of application for scanners. Shorter response times, application-oriented I/O modules, direct connection of incremental encoders in mobile applications,

integrated control and monitoring functions, and the possibility of connection to safetyoriented field buses, in addition to its improved range, give the S3000 enormous versatility and make it an investment with an assured future.

At the same time, more rapid processors allow improved evaluation of the reflected light impulses, and thus an enormous increase in measurement accuracy. A resolution of 70 mm is possible at the maximum range of 7 m. This means that a person's leg can be reliably detected even from this distance, and a machine's hazardous movement brought to a stop.

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