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Safety interlocks - an important part of your workplace safety strategy

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 i10 Lock safety interlocks from Sick keep machine guards safely locked until a hazardous area can be entered.

They are intended for applications in which there is an immediate danger to people when delayed stopping or an uncontrolled process interruption has the potential to cause injury or death.

Industrial safety devices, such as this safety interlock play an important role in the ‘safety culture’ that manufacturers need to follow. But they shouldn’t be seen as a one-off safety fix. They are only one aspect of an overall safety strategy.

There is an established hierarchy of control which sets out the best ways to ensure workplace safety. The steps in this hierarchy include:

  • Elimination
  • Substitution
  • Engineer controls
  • Administrative Controls
  • Personal Protection Equipment
Sitting at the top of the hierarchy, elimination is the most important element. So for example, by designing a machine that has no exposed moving parts, the designer is eliminating the possibility of a worker losing a hand in that moving part. Then the next best method of ensuring safety is ‘Substitution’ of dangerous products for safer products, and so forth.

Safety Interlocks fit into the third category, ‘Engineering Controls’. They keep people away from dangerous machinery at all times other than at those times when they absolutely need to be there to carry out their job.

If it were possible, it would be better to keep them away from such situations. But given that there is no other choice, they perform an important task.

And in turn, Administrative controls such as training and safety procedures play their part in a ‘safety culture’. As of course does ‘Personal Protection Equipment.’

Benefits of i10 Lock safety interlocks:

  • Their small design simplifies installation and makes it easy to mount them directly on the guard door frame
  • Different switching elements offer the appropriate solution for electrical installation
  • Rugged metal housing provides increased machine reliability, even when the guard has a mechanical offset
  • Flexible electrical connectivity due to three cable entry glands
  • Improved diagnostics due to additional contacts for door monitoring
  • Simple adjustment due to various actuators that are suitable for any door

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