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Safety Light Curtains from Sick Reliably Differentiate between Skids and Persons at Automotive Plant Assembly Line

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Sensor solutions from Sick is helping a large automotive plant secure entry points to the car body assembly line through reliable differentiation between skids and persons.  

Safety light curtains from Sick differentiate between skids and persons, restricting human access into specific hazardous areas in the assembly line and ensuring flexible area monitoring with future detection reliability.    

Different sedans with differing types of equipment are manufactured in the production line of the large automotive plant.  

The automotive client’s requirements included:

  • Secure the entry points to the different workstations against human access
  • Enable automatic transports of unfinished car bodies through these hazardous areas without hindrance
  • React flexibly to different production types and interfering objects such as cables hanging down

Intelligent safety light curtains from Sick  

Combining personal protection, process reliability and flexibility, Sick’s C4000 Fusion intelligent safety light curtains were implemented to secure the entry points to the car body assembly line.  

To ensure safety in this entry/exit solution, electro-sensitive protective equipment that corresponded to performance level ‘e’ according to EN ISO 13849 and IEC 61508 SIL3 was used.  

Once programmed, Sick’s safety light curtains could detect a large number of different skid beam patterns without additional secondary sensors or control and status indicators, differentiating them efficiently from humans.  

The high detection tolerance of the solution enables it to ignore smaller interference objects such as cables or bits of film that hang over the edge into the monitored field.  

Key benefits of Sick’s safety light curtains:

  • Complete, easy-to-assemble solution
  • High availability due to object detection with high detection tolerance
  • Flexibility and future detection reliability for transport skids of new model ranges
  • Application-oriented solution with a high level of economic efficiency
  • Automation, safety and automatic identification sensors from one source
  • Ease of installation and maintenance

Sick’s safety light curtains allow car bodies to pass through the entry points easily while having the personal protection constantly activated to prevent human access.  

Space-saving installation is enabled since the safety light curtain does not require secondary sensors.  

New skids can be added at any time since almost an unlimited number of patterns can be programmed or configured in the flexible solution.  

Additionally, with the safety enhanced function interface (EFI) and in combination with PROFINET IO Profisafe EFI gateways from Sick, the safety light curtain has all the options for future integration environments.

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