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Nowadays, those who use safety systems do not want to have to do without economic efficiency. New solutions thus also offer new features with which processes can be structured not only more safely, but also more efficiently.

The C 4000 Palletizer safety light curtain, the new M 4000 Standard multiple light beam safety device, and the non-contact T 4000 Multi RFID safety switch are proof of this.

Automatic safety is no longer sufficient. Users want safe automation, to design the safety in such a way that it does not impair machine performance, but actually improves it. The new 4000s from SICK thus offer correspondingly advantageous features. They all offer category 4 compliance with IEC 61496, and SIL 3 according to IEC 61508.

The C 4000 Palletizer provides lower costs and greater availability.

The idea is simple: by using one sensor pair instead of an entire Christmas tree of sensors, the C 4000 Palletizer monitors the pattern of a pallet, or goods on the pallet. For this purpose, the system has a dynamic, self-learning blanking function with which the system reliably differentiates between pallets and persons passing into a protected area. This takes place either by evaluating the blocking of individual light beams or by detecting object or distance patterns.

The user-friendly system concept also proves itself during commissioning: unpack; install and the C 4000 Palletizer can already detect common Europallets and grid boxes. No programming work is necessary. And because there is little to plan, specify, add on structurally, wire up, and monitor, the system saves our customers a lot of money: installation and operating costs are up to 40% lower compared to access protection with conventional muting solutions, this often amounts to several thousand Euros.

The T 4000 Multi, with separate door signal outputs and tolerant response behaviour

Whether reed switches, inductive sensors or transponders, SICK is widely represented with non-contact safety switches. The new development is the versatile T 4000 Multi system. The familiar and proven principle of other products in the T 4000 family is exploited here, too: a sensor continuously reads out the fixed programmed number of the actuator, a fully encapsulated RFID transponder.

Opening the particular protective door interrupts reading and leads to a safe machine stop. The individual coding of the actuator also ensures that the system is tamper-proof. Two different evaluation units are available for the simultaneous connection of two or four sensors. Often requested, and now achieved with the T 4000 Multi: separate door signalling outputs, with which each connected sensor can be assigned to the particular door and evaluated.

The sensor’s large response zone of 15 mm also offsets tolerances between the door and the protective fencing, reliably preventing false alarms. Integration of the reset and external device monitoring functions in the evaluation units does away with the need for external relays.

The M 4000 with numerous new plus points in control and use.

The new M 4000 Standard multiple light beam safety device offers a stiff, non-distorting profile with three mounting slots for variable installation; LEDs on the receiver housing; and an optional bus connection via an integrated AS-Interface Safety at Work interface. Configuration buttons on the device and the integrated laser alignment aid allow comfortable and reliable adjustment. Plant commissioning times are thus considerably reduced.

In operation, the configurable status output offers the possibility of transmitting operating information on the M 4000 Standard directly to the machine control system for diagnostic purposes. A further highlight is the separate connection for the reset button. As signal evaluation takes place in the device itself there is no longer any need for the feedback of the signal from the switching cabinet to the hazardous area that is required by other systems.

All cabling costs are thus substantially reduced. The new performance features, long ranges, and numerous beam combinations make the device a worthy successor to the MSL multibeam photoelectric safety switch that has proven itself in the field over many years.

Whether the C 4000, M 4000 or T 4000, safety may be the important aspect of all these systems, but it is not the only one. It is the supplementary advantages that make these safe sensors and systems such modern solutions. The fact that despite all the functions available, appearance need not be neglected is proved by the M 4000: it has won the IF Design Award 2005.

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