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SICK's MultiTask photoelectric sensors: Reliable optical detection of uneven and irregular objects [VIDEO]

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article image Tim Baron demonstrates a variety of MultiTask photoelectric sensors
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In this video filmed at AUSPACK PLUS 2013, Commercial Goods Industry Manager Tim Baron provides hands-on demonstrations of several sensors in SICK 's Multitask range of photoelectric sensors.

Multitask sensors are designed to provide reliable optical detection of shiny, uneven and irregular objects and are generally used in conveying applications. In the video, Baron demonstrates some common uses for MultiPac, MultiLine and Reflex Array sensor.


MultiPac photoelectric sensors are ideal for detecting objects with shiny and uneven surfaces. Traditionally, reliably detecting items such as six-packs in PET film packaging is a real challenge. With MultiPac sensors, two completely separate receiver systems are used to double detection performance. A high power LED generates an extremely high light intensity and application-specific software controls the complex evaluation.

These sensors may be mounted up to 500 mm above the conveyor system in order to detect the most diverse types and heights of packaging units with only one fixed sensor position. As a result, the mechanical height adjustment often required until now becomes unnecessary, significantly reducing effort and expense for users.

Designed for detecting flat or textured objects, MultiLine sensors overcome many risks associated with conventional photoelectric sensors. With respect to objects with gaps, using conventional photoelectric sensors involves the risk that the light and thus the reflection to the sensor may disappear there. The consequence is that the sensor switches off even though the object is still present. A similar phenomenon can be observed in the case of flat objects with reflective, curved, and transparent areas. Here, too, the light may disappear for a short time and switch off the photoelectric sensor, even though a flat, reflective package such as a soup packet may still be located on the conveyor belt.

With MultiLine sensors, these problems are now a thing of the past. When an item moves into the scanning range of the sensor, it switches on if the two lines have detected the object. The signal will be active until both light lines no longer signal an object. If in the meantime one of the light lines goes missing, as in a gap of the printed circuit board or through deflection on the surface of the package, the other line maintains the signal. In this way, critical structured objects remain visible to the sensor and the machine control at any time, effectively eliminating false switching.

MultiTask Reflex Arrays are unique photoelectric sensors capable of detecting the leading edge of small, flat, transparent or uneven objects within the light band regardless of position. Perforated objects are reliably detected without multiple adjustments. This considerably reduces installation costs and speeds up commissioning.

In this way, Reflex Arrays can provide major cost benefits over conventional solutions, which use several individual sensors or a small light grid. Reflex Arrays are available in four variants with varying detection heights and minimum object sizes.

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