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SICK’s photoelectric sensors for the world of transparency

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article image SICK’s glass photoelectric sensors offer reliable detection of transparent or highly reflective objects
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SICK  offers a range of glass photoelectric sensors designed for the reliable detection of transparent or highly reflective objects even in adverse industrial environments.
Automators in a transparent world must deal with many manufacturing processes involving transparent plastic packaging, bottles made of glass or PET, ampoules and pipettes, flat, tubular, and hollow glass as well as films for securing loads on pallets. The challenge increases when the product features, processes, and ambient conditions differ from industry to industry and often even from one batch to another.
Sensors must therefore be designed in such a way as to cope with varying applications and also be future-proof to meet newer requirements.
Key requirements of glass photoelectric sensors: 
  • Precise and reliable detection of transparent objects
  • Mechanical, thermal and chemical stability
  • High level of robustness against optical disturbance variables from the environment
  • Factoring different installation spaces and electric connection systems
  • Desired sensor intelligence
  • Intuitive operation of the sensor
  • Quick, uncomplicated commissioning

SICK’s solution portfolio for the world of transparency
SICK’s portfolio of glass photoelectric sensors offers a suitable sensor solution for nearly any application, providing maximum functional, handling, and investment security in every operating scenario in the world of transparency.
SICK’s portfolio of photoelectric retro-reflective sensors: 
  • WLG4S-3 sensor in the Inox miniature housing, designed to be a space saver delivers convincing performance due to reliable detection of highly transparent objects, automatic switching threshold adjustment, hygienic design and IO-Link-capability
  • WL11G-2 small photoelectric sensor in a robust plastic housing is ideal for regular use in detecting transparent objects such as PET bottles or transparent film, providing convincing resistance against high-pressure cleaning
  • WL12G-3 IO-Link-capable sensor guarantees top precision and reliability when detecting highly transparent objects in demanding industrial settings, and is available optionally with Teflon-coated metal housing
  • WL9G-3 small photoelectric sensor features digital signal processing, and has a high-precision option of setting the adjustable switching point, which enhances device availability in harsh environments. Tough VISTAL plastic housing and special sensor construction ensure high stability and seal tightness. IO-Link is available as an option.

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