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SICK’s photoelectric sensors detect transparent materials reliably

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article image The WL12G-3 photoelectric sensors enable reliable detection, counting and sorting of transparent objects
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SICK presents a range of small photoelectric sensors designed to set a new standard for detecting transparent objects such as glass, PET bottles and film.  

Precise, easy to operate, and fast, the redesigned WL12G-3 photoelectric sensors can reliably detect transparent objects ranging from thin-walled PET bottles to highly transparent film.  

Robust and compatible in terms of connections
The redesigned WL12G-3 photoelectric sensors feature a robust construction with a metal housing, which along with the connection technology are identical to the W12-3 product family.  

This mechanical and electrical compatibility between the two versions facilitates easy switching to the new photoelectric sensor for glass detection.  

Ease of operation
The WL12G-3 photoelectric sensors can be commissioned quickly and easily by simply aligning the sensor to the reflector and pushing the button. Setting the sensitivity by means of teach-in saves time. One can also choose two operating modes via teach-in for optimum adjustment to application conditions.  

The 360º status LEDs visible from all sides guarantee fast polling of the sensor status and facilitate more effective sensor diagnosis.  

Device availability in adverse, extreme operating conditions
The redesigned WL12G-3 photoelectric sensors offer high reliability in harsh conditions including damp settings, splash water, ambient light, or strong electromagnetic fields, and are extensively independent of influences from the environment.  

The switching frequency has been increased to 1.5 kHz to suit high machine speeds. The rugged housing with an optional Teflon coating provides the stability to guarantee sensor availability in industrial settings while ensuring uninterrupted production.  

The WL12G-3 is available optionally as an I/O variant. Integration of the WL12G-3 at the sensor/ actuator level into the automation system enables the realisation of preventative maintenance and repair measures. 

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