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SICK’s TiM300 laser scanners prevent collisions in mobile intralogistics

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SICK  presents a compact range of laser scanners that delivers great performance in various mobile intralogistics applications.
The SICK TiM300 is a range of detecting and switching laser scanners, about the size of a tennis ball that is used for 2D monitoring in various mobile applications.
The TiM300 laser scanners are suitable for distancing and queue control in electric overhead conveyors, checking for projections and compartment occupation on aisle stackers, preventing collisions, and as back-up protection of mini AGVs and mobile platforms. The TiM300 completes the range of switching and measuring 2D laser scanners from SICK.
With input power typically at 3W, 50% less than in comparable sensors, the energy efficient laser scanners are well suited for these mobile applications.
TiM300 laser scanners offer great detection performance, working with infrared transmission light to achieve a scanning distance of 2m even on black surfaces. The 270º scanning angle of the TiM300 allows electric overhead conveyors to be distanced reliably even on curves, as well as enable both the travel paths of autonomous vehicles and the vehicles themselves to be monitored reliably from the side. Rack compartments can be checked double-deep for occupation and for projections.
Key features of TiM300 laser scanners:
  • Up to 16 triple field sets in the form of indicator, warning and stopping fields allow for situational and anticipatory reaction by the vehicles to detected obstacles
  • Pre-parameterized triple sets provided ex-factory to represent the most common monitoring scenarios
  • Integrated ‘touch and teach’ function provided for individual settings
  • Resistant metal housing for rugged performance in harsh intralogistics environments
  • Protective hood available to protect against influences from the environment or shock absorbers to achieve nearly vibration- and shock-free installation

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