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SICK’s Safety Light Curtains Protect Loading and Unloading Areas of Automatic Wiring Loom

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article image SICK’s miniaturised safety light curtain protects machine operators during pallet changes
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Integration-friendly safety light curtains from SICK are monitoring the loading and unloading area of fully automatic wiring loom pick and place robots.  

Komax Holding AG based in Dierikon, Switzerland is a leading provider of automated wire processing solutions.  

Komax's customers, who come from diverse industrial backgrounds including the automotive industry expect maximum flexibility and short conversion times from their machines including the pick and place robot, Zeta 656 for housings.  

Zeta 656 pick and place robots are used to populate wire sets with cross-sections of 0.13mm² and housings with an automotive industry standard matching dimension of only 1.25mm reliably and quickly. This process requires manual operation of a quick pallet change system for a wide range of wire sets.  

Komax sought a safety solution that allowed ergonomic and flexible removal of finished wiring looms and loading of plugs into pallets.  

SICK recommended their miniaturised safety light curtains, designed to bring together maximum security, operating ergonomics, ease of installation and modern design.  

Miniaturised safety light curtains from SICK  

Installed to protect machine operators during pallet changes, SICK’s miniTwin4 miniaturised safety light curtains are part of their portfolio of sensor solutions such as photoelectric sensors, distance sensors, inductive proximity sensors and barcode readers that have been in use for many years.  

The light grid meets every one of Komax's requirements, offering the highest protection level, PL e and impressively intelligent connector technology.  

Mounted flush to enable space-saving integration and match up to modern machine design, SICK’s miniaturised safety light curtains visualise the standby situation of the protective function for the operator using green-red LEDs placed at 60mm intervals.  

While pallets are being newly populated or finished wiring looms are being removed, automatic transport from the machine to the open machine end is prevented, eliminating any risk to the operator.  

Key benefits of SICK’s safety light curtains:  

  • Safety to the required level of protection
  • Solution is easy to integrate and operate
  • Ergonomic protection for more efficient work at the machine
  • More cost-effective than a protective hood

The frequency with which the operator reaches into the machine and the high risk of potential injuries require the solution to offer a high level of protection, which is guaranteed by the light curtain.  

The high ease of integration makes it possible to commission the unit in just a few minutes. The protective function is visualised, and guarantees safe and rapid population of pallets as well as removal of finished wiring looms.  

According to Phillip Vontavon from Komax, the light curtain has made operation and conversion more ergonomic and efficient while making the machine's design lighter and free. Prior to SICK’s safety light curtains, Komax was using open protective hoods.  

SICK’s safety light curtains also work out more economical than the combined cost of a polycarbonate hood, horizontal pneumatics, mechanical components, electronics, safety switches and longer assembly times.

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