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SICK’s Safety Laser Scanners Enable Safe Travel Path Monitoring and Navigation Support for Mobile Robots

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Safety laser scanners have been installed by SICK to support navigation, ensure travel path safety and assist with positioning for mobile robots at KOKEISL Industrial Systems AG.  

KOKEISL, based in Schönenwerd, Switzerland develops and markets automation systems for bulk materials, internal logistic solutions and automated guided systems.  

The KOKEISL picking robots were originally designed for the harsh environment of the bulk material industry. These vehicles are fully automated and designed to transport bulk or individual goods required for formulas or processes between goods receipt, storage, mixing plant, production and goods issue areas of the plant.  

In order to perform transport tasks autonomously, the KOKEISL picking robot needed to be able to move around modern production facilities quickly and flexibly.  

A key requirement was that the picking robots had to be able to monitor travel paths and docking areas at all times for safety reasons.  

SICK’s solution met the twin requirements for guaranteed vehicle protection and vehicle navigation support.  

Laser scanners from SICK  

Laser scanners from SICK offer safety according to standards and navigation support according to needs.  

SICK’s S300 Expert CMS compact safety laser scanners were identified as the ideal sensor solutions for KOKEISL’s picking robots.  

The safety laser scanners were found suitable for small transport vehicles and service robots as well as for transport and travel path application conditions with more complex non-contact protection requirements.  

Two safety laser scanners were fitted on each KOKEISL vehicle. Mounted diagonally from each other, the safety laser scanners enable complete all-round monitoring of the front, rear and side areas, ensuring reliable detection of possible collision hazards when driving, turning or docking.  

Reliable area monitoring is also facilitated as the scanners continuously detect the current surrounding contour of the route to be travelled.  

The measured values are transmitted to the picking robot’s navigation system in the form of pre-processed raw data whose telegram settings have been individually defined beforehand.  

Key benefits: 

  • Vehicle protection prevents accidents, damage and liability risks
  • 2-in-1 safety and navigation support system reduces costs by eliminating additional sensors
  • Reduced expense for components and cabling saves installation space and commissioning costs
  • Pre-processed raw data simplifies integration into the navigation and vehicle control system
  • Economic and cost-efficient solution for increased flexibility in automated guided systems
  • Devices meet the requirements of performance level ‘d’ according to EN ISO 13849 and IEC 61508 SIL2
  • Corresponds to category type 3 according to IEC 61496 for opto-electronic protective devices
  • Helps achieve maximum economy and cost efficiency

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