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SICK’s MultiPac sensor for six-packs and other PET packaging units

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article image The MultiPac sensor is ideally suited for detecting any type and size of containers packaged or shrink-wrapped in PET film
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MultiPac sensors from SICK are at work in the new bottling line at PepsiCo Deutschland in Nieder-Roden, delivering reliable detection performance during the labelling of six-packs.
The MultiPac sensor from SICK is the benchmark for detecting PET packaging units, with its ability to detect through the shiny and uneven surfaces of six-packs wrapped in PET films, which conventional photoelectric sensors find challenging.
The random and uncontrollable reflections of the emitted light by the PET surface not only make exact detection difficult, but can also result in conventional photoelectric sensors losing the detection signal due to brief deflection of the reflected light. Interruptions in operations can occur, leading to added expense.
SICK has equipped the MultiPac sensor with a dual receiver system, allowing it to compensate the brief deflections caused by the uneven surface of the packaging unit. The HighPower LED improves diffuse reflection and receiving behaviour while the SICK-specific ASIC in the sensor takes care of evaluating the signals. The two receiver systems are adjusted by means of special software.
The MultiPac sensor from SICK guarantees that every six-pack is detected reliably and signal interruptions are eliminated, resulting in increased availability and performance of the bottling plant. Since its commissioning about six months ago, not a single malfunctioning of packaging detection has occurred, benefitting PepsiCo Deutschland when labelling (Logopak Systeme) Pepsi, Punica, Lipton Ice Tea, and Schwip Schwap bottles.
SICK’s MultiPac sensor has also been nominated for the 2012 GIT Sensor Masters Award.

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