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SICK’s MPS magnetic cylinder sensors used for pallet and magazine centring in palletisers

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article image With the MPS magnetic cylinder sensors, the pneumatic cylinders achieve excellent accuracy when centring crates and positioning the inserted liner magazines
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MPS magnetic cylinder sensors from SICK have been installed at a leading filling and packaging solutions company for precise and process-reliable centring of pallets and storage magazines.  

KHS, a worldwide leader in system solutions for filling and packaging in the beverage industry relies on the MPS magnetic cylinder sensors from SICK. KHS is one of the leading suppliers of innovative and high-quality filling and packaging solutions with annual sales of nearly one billion Euros, more than 5,500 employees worldwide, and over 6,000 complete facilities for the beverage industry installed on all continents.  

Adil Kuscu, Design Engineer Mechanics at KHS in Worms says that the plant is responsible for palletising systems as well as packaging and unpacking solutions including the palletiser systems from KHS’ Innopal series for refillable and non-refillable containers.  

According to Hans-Werner Holzer, the Product Manager in charge at the Worms plant, the Innopal series palletiser systems are highly flexible, two-pillar palletisers suitable for processing non-refillable containers such as cartons, trays, shrink-packaging units, unit packages, bags as well as refillable containers.  

The flexible layout of the palletisers requires automatic centring processes for different formats of containers and inserted liners, ensuring that the pallets can be loaded level after level without projections at positioning cycle times of six seconds in addition to placing the inserted liners with a perfect fit.  

KHS achieves this format-specific centring in a series of machines by employing two pneumatic cylinders per travel direction. Due to tolerances in piston movement, the reed contacts did not always detect the switching points in a process-reliable way.  

SICK offered a reliable, easy to integrate and economical solution with the MPS magnetic cylinder sensors. The MPS sensors are particularly process-reliable in practical operation by continuously delivering accurate measuring values, thus detecting dependably all switching points required for different crate and magazine formats.  

Key features of MPS magnetic cylinder sensors:  

  • Covers measuring ranges from 32mm to 256mm in 32mm increments with minimised blind zones
  • IP67 housing construction allows fast drop-in installation from the top into all common T-slots and quick fastening with two screws
  • Polling of pistons occurs very rapidly and with high resolution
  • Enables pneumatic cylinders to achieve high accuracy when centring crates and positioning inserted liner magazines

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