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SICK’s LMS100 laser measurement sensors on roller coasters at Europa Park in Rust

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Laser measurement sensors from SICK have been fitted on roller coasters at an amusement park in Rust near Freiburg for better efficiency in operation and maintenance.
SICK’s LMS100 laser measurement sensors are assisting the staff to carry out maintenance work according to facility use as well as inform visitors about queue times.
Located in the triangle where Germany, France and Switzerland meet, the Europa Park features more than 100 attractions and shows, 13 European thematic areas, and ten spectacular roller coasters, attracting well over four million visitors each year.
During peak hours, visitors may have to wait to enjoy specific attractions at the park. Therefore, it is helpful to the visitors when the staff can keep them informed about times when they can use the facilities with shorter waiting periods.
The amusement park management decided to seek a solution to determine utilisation of the individual rides. The same solution would also help them optimise maintenance work: shorter intervals for frequently used attractions, longer ones wherever the rush is less intense.
SICK’s LMS100 laser measurement sensors have helped solve both tasks simultaneously.
The Europa Park in Rust has equipped a number of roller coasters with LMS100 laser measurement sensors from SICK. The sensors monitor the access areas to the rides, detecting persons that wish to use the respective ride. Since the sensors achieve a 100% counting rate, one can make reliable assessments regarding both utilisation and the current rush at the rides.
The optical fibre network at the Europa Park enables fast data transfer between the individual facilities and the park’s IT centre. SICK has provided an OPC interface integrating additional special software properties in order to permit seamless and cost-effective integration of the laser measurement sensors into the network.
Key benefits for Europa Park include lower maintenance requirement, shorter waiting times, more motivated staff and satisfied visitors.

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