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SICK’s Inspector I40-IR vision sensors for powerful part inspection using infrared light

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SICK presents a new range of vision sensors in the Inspector family designed for powerful part inspection using infrared light.  

Correct lighting is crucial in vision applications to ensure that part details are emphasised sufficiently to provide a high-quality image for analysis. The Inspector family of vision sensors provides full flexibility with integrated light, ‘Flex’ window options or external solutions to match illumination needs.      

The new Inspector I40-IR vision sensors are designed to meet a new set of vision inspection challenges in various machine vision applications.  

Key features of Inspector I40-IR infrared vision sensors:  

  • Reduces colour dependency and provides safe inspection in unwanted visible light production 
  • Invisible infrared light allows maximum independence from colour, helping to detect black contours on multicoloured objects 
  • Infrared light in combination with the optional visible block filter helps gain immunity to changes in environmental lighting 
  • Invisible IR light is beneficial in open production areas where operators are working next to the sensor 
  • Incorporates all the qualities of Inspector I20 and I40 sensors     
Inspector PI50 ensures integration for machine builders  

The new Inspector PI50 vision sensors make inspection and integration solutions possible that is generally associated only with smart cameras.  

Key features of Inspector PI50 vision sensors:

  • Viewing of the images and change of configuration through a standard web browser 
  • Integration into the automation and fieldbus environment of machines is effected via Ethernet TCP/IP or Ethernet/IP 
  • Web API allows users to customise the HMI 
  • New calibration ensures reliable images even in tight and tilted setups where the image would otherwise be distorted 
  • Speed of up to 50 Hz for inspecting and positioning components in automotive, consumer goods, electronics and solar manufacturing industries

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