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SICK releases UE470 fast safety controller

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SICK has released UE470, a fast safety controller, available for presses and revolving transfer tables, at the Hanover Industrial Trade Fair 2006.

10 ms – often even less – is all the UE470 (Category 4 in compliance with EN 954-1 and SIL 3 according to EN 61508) requires to bring hazardous movements of an eccentric, hydraulic or pneumatic press to a stop. The UE470 integrated connection options, the five possible operating modes, and its test and protection functions make it a versatile and flexible solution for protecting presses.

Nevertheless, its speed remains the absolute highlight of the UE470: the reaction time of maximum 10 ms regardless of the complexity of the application. No comparable controller is quicker. The UE470 is thus possible to place safety systems closer to the machine. This can be of advantage, for example, when space is limited at the mounting location, or machine operation involves frequent operator interventions, e.g. for inserting and removing workpieces.

Versatile with many supplementary functions

The scope of functions of the UE470 supports numerous automation concepts for machines or processes. The signal processing of 3-stage pedal switches or two-hand controls, the static monitoring of valves every time the press starts, single- or double-break mode, switching between other available operating modes, and a wide range of safety functions (such as emergency stop, external device monitoring or restart) represent a relevant additional benefit for users in many applications.

Variety of protective and monitoring options

Press applications can thus be flexibly protected with the UE470. For frontal protection, for example, the Category 4 C4000 safety light curtain can be connected either via switching outputs, the internal communication interface (with the possibility of switching operating modes and thorough diagnosis) or via both.

As the safety controller has a test-pulse function it is possible, for example, to implement a reasonably priced protection of the back of the press with Category 2 photoelectric switches, e.g. the WS/WE27. Using different switching paths for frontal and rear protection further increase both operator safety and machine availability.

Control functionality, combined with rapidity, thus, makes the UE470 an ideal safety solution for presses.

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