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SICK release the Inspector I40 and P30 vision sensor

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Production plants need solutions to a variety of inspection tasks. Vision sensor’s are normally unable to achieve this alone as solutions need to be flexible and centralise the control of production.

However SICK ’s new vision sensor does away with the need for complex and expensive alternatives. The Inspector I40 and P30 variants offer part inspection and the performance of a smart camera.

Complete production control, high performance inspection and flexible setup are all possible with the Inspector I40 and P30 vision sensor.

Powerful inspection tool sets provide easy-to-configure problem solving abilities and enable smooth operations for tough targets. The Inspector I40 and P30 come with high resolution VGA imaging (640x480 pixels).

Easy-to-setup and built-in illumination accessories include different filters and don’t require any extra wiring. Flexible housing designs have also been introduced.

The vision sensor has emulator tools that provide a testing environment for solutions so that production is not disturbed. 

An ideal tool for complete production control, the Inspector I40 and P30 vision sensor provides unrestricted memory capacity and supports the storage of images to FTP.

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