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SICK offers new RFID readers for reliable body identification in the automotive industry

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A new range of RFID readers from SICK is helping car manufacturers reliably identify vehicles under production, thanks to superior scanning and reading qualities.  

Car manufacturers are required to gather, process and evaluate comprehensive information of individual vehicles during production. Current developments in RFID technology open up new potential for controlling complex processes and traceability.  

It is important even while assembling the under body to apply an unambiguous marking that allows reliable identification of the developing car at all subsequent stations, all the way to final assembly and outward transfer.  

This can become complicated as the labels for identification must be read reliably at every production step and also be able to withstand temperatures of 200ºC common in painting lines.  

Existing identification technologies including bar codes and data matrix codes, though available for this purpose cannot be used universally and across all processing systems since they are not visible after painting.  

Alternatives such as perforated sheet metal are elaborate and expensive while 1D/2D or active RFID systems attached to the skid in the body assembly shop and the paint shop are changed over to a different skid for final assembly resulting in confusion.  

Marking the automotive body with a body ID on an RFID transponder label from the very beginning is an ideal solution. SICK has developed cost-effective, temperature-resistant and dimensionally stable ISO/IEC-18000-6-compatible UHF RFID labels for this purpose, which remain attached to the vehicle during the ongoing production process, surviving the painting process and enabling easy reading and writing.  

SICK also offers the RFU630 RFID readers that utilise UHF technology to provide ideal reading and writing properties, specifically for applications in car manufacturing.  

Reading and writing on the transponders take just a few milliseconds allowing the RFID readers to achieve very good reading quality with high scanning rates.  

Use of the accompanying IDpro-compliant interface allows integrating the solution easily into industrial network environments. In this connection, the spectrum extends from Ethernet (TCP/IP) and PROFINET IO to EtherNet/ IP, all the way to PROFIBUS DP and DeviceNet as well as RS-232/422/485.

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