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SICK offers MAIHAK as a solution for Analysis and Process Instrumentation

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SICK has offered MAIHAK, complete solutions and customer support for Analysis and Process Instrumentation.
Controlling plants, meeting limits, optimizing processes, monitoring product flows - the products and customer support for analysers and process instrumentation of SICK MAIHAK, define standards for these tasks regarding technology and quality.
SICK MAIHACK offers complete solutions well suited to solve application task; low cost-of-ownership; a comprehensive services package, from engineering to after-sales service; regional sales and service organizations in all major countries in the world; and the modern, innovative products, characterized by their simplicity and application reliability.
Dust Measurement
With its new generation of devices, SICK MAIHAK offers a broad range of systems for detecting and monitoring of dust concentration. All dust measuring systems can be seamlessly integrated into existing measurement landscapes at plant. The dust measuring systems can also be tested easily and at low cost using remote diagnosis. If required, all the SICK MAIHAK dust concentration monitors can be parameterised with a PC and the user-friendly MEPA software (MEnu-driven PArameter setting, with multi-language capability).
RM230: Dust Monitor with AutoRANGE
Based on the scattered light measuring principle, the RM230 detects dust concentrations within a range of <0.5 to 200 mg/m³. Suitable device versions with different measuring penetration depths are available for output of representative measurement results.
The flexible RM230, with its robust design, is ideal for use in harsh industrial environments, e.g. for measurement in clean gas upstream of electro-static precipitators or fabric filters, for monitoring of exhaust and fresh air systems or for protection of gas turbines.
GM700 and GM700 Automotive
In-situ TDLS analyzer for ammonia or oxygen
Reliability, precision and minimum response times – these are the decisive facts of the GM700 TDLS analyzer from SICK MAIHAK and have been tailored for the measurements of gaseous components, for example, ammonia under harsh conditions.
Using the GM700, processes can be more efficient, for example in power stations, waste incineration plant, as well as in cement, steel, chemical and petrochemical industry. The characteristics of the GM700 Automotive suit it outstandingly for emission minimizing with prototypes or optimizing of engines on roll benches.

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