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SICK introduces IDpro platform for application-specific selection of automatic identification technologies

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article image SICK’s IDpro selects the optimum automatic identification technology based on the specific application
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SICK introduces IDpro, a cross-technology platform and portfolio strategy for all automatic identification technologies. IDpro permits an application-specific selection of suitable automatic identification products from a single producer.  

Technical requirements can often be realised using different technologies such as bar codes, 2D codes and RFID. Selecting the right identification technology can be complicated as it depends on the application, and its basic technical and economic conditions.  

SICK’s IDpro addresses industry demand for standard integration and operating platforms driven by the need to use the correct marking technology for each application without having to invest great sums for integration and training.  

IDpro – three technologies, one integration concept  

SICK’s IDpro offers a portfolio strategy across technologies for the CLV6xx, LECTOR620, and RFH620 product families. The industry-compatible design of all IDpro devices enables them to be connected, configured and parameterised in the same way, allowing cost-effective solutions for clients.  

Generally, machine and plant builders have a defined in-house control and software structure. Conversion to a different automatic identification technology is quite often associated with substantial adjustment expenses. However, IDpro will allow application of the most suitable automatic identification technology on an order-by-order basis.  

For instance, when using 2D codes or RFID transponders, one can continue to apply the existing engineering and expertise, since one has automatically familiarised oneself also with 2D and RFID devices during training.  

IDpro delivers benefits such as security in planning and investment to integrators because their designs are not rendered worthless by a change in technology. They will always be able to use the basic concept of the solution, adapting the data capture on the object to the respective conditions and orders without having to carry out complex changes to the IT processes. Consequently, expenses for integration and training are reduced significantly.  

SICK supplies all three automatic identification technologies including bar code, 2D and RFID in its portfolio, developing and manufacturing them in-house in addition to creating a standard platform comprising of continuous operator interfaces, process interfaces and connecting options. In selecting the optimum technology for the respective application, SICK provides all the information from a single source using IDpro.

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