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SICK Volume Flow Measurement Device Makes Non-Woven Fabric Production Efficient

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A volume flow measurement device installed by SICK at a Reifenhäuser REICOFIL plant has helped enhance production efficiency and make the process more eco-friendly.  

No. 42 of SICK’s Sensor Solutions Tour examines FLOWSIC100, the volume flow measurement device installed at the Reifenhäuser REICOFIL plant.  

Reifenhäuser REICOFIL plants are designed to use air to produce non-woven fabric from synthetic pellets in one continuous process. Nappies, among other products are processed from this non-woven fabric.  

The spun bounded fabric production begins with the pellets being melted and spun to filaments through a die with small orifices. The filaments are cooled by a laminar flow of process air, stretched and then swirled around to form a disorderly area of thousands of filaments, which are compacted in a calendar to the final spun bounded fabric.  

SICK was tasked with finding a solution to continuously measure the process air in the air duct before the filaments are cooled and to pass the volume flow data to the process control system in order to optimise the plant parameters. The mass flow of the exhaust air also had to be monitored as part of the solution.  

SICK’s volume flow measurement solution  

Every spin beam of a REICOFIL plant contains three positions for the volume flow measurement: two for the divided blowing of the process air and one at the monomer exhaust duct.  

With a special 3x1 configuration of the FLOWSIC100 REICOFIL the data of all three measuring points can be controlled and processed via a common control unit MCU.  

Using 4–20 mA interfaces the measuring values are comfortably transferred to the process control system. An integrated Ethernet interface allows remote maintenance and diagnosis.  

The measuring points are fitted with flanges in a 45º angle. The flange connections and the sensor lengths of the FLOWSIC100 REICOFIL are configured so that the ultrasonic volume flow measuring devices can be mounted easily.  

Key benefits of SICK’s FLOWSIC100 volume flow measurement device

  • Modular construction kit allows the measuring devices to be adjusted accurately to the respective measuring points and tasks
  • Superior solution for emission measurement and process measurements
  • High measurement precision with ultrasonic technology
  • Robust converters and corrosion-proof materials grant high durability
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Reliability, flexibility, precision and short reaction times

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