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SICK Sensors for Hazardous Point Protection and Machine Safety in Industrial Environments [VIDEO]

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article image Jason Mair demonstrates sensor solutions for hazardous point protection
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In the video below, SICK Product Market Manager Jason Mair discusses several sensor solutions that can be used to provide hazardous point protection and protect workers from hazardous industrial machinery.

The first solution Jason highlights is the miniTwin safety light curtain. Described as the world’s smallest safety light curtain, the miniTwin is designed to protect service and access openings on fully automated machines as well as exploiting its size advantage in semi-automated workplaces.

In addition to its size advantages, the miniTwin system utilises two identical parts for each side of the curtain, making the system an affordable solution for protecting workers in demanding industries such as:

  • suppliers to the automotive and aerospace industries
  • electronics industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • food and beverage production; and
  • the packaging machine industry.
The V300 Work Station Extended is a sensor based on innovative camera technology, and has been developed for monitoring hazardous points on typically rectangular action openings. As the system uses reflective tape to create a ‘wall’ between operators and machinery only one component is required, saving space and allowing for quick installation and commissioning.

Applications where the V300 Work Station is suitable for use include:

  • hazardous point protection in semi-automatic work processes
  • protecting of test, assembly and inspection stations
  • service openings with sporadic access; and
  • presence detection.
In this demonstration, both the miniTwin safety light curtain and V300 Work Station are interfaced with SICK’s Flexi Classic safety controller. This interface enables different units and modules to be connected together as required for a specific installation.

Flexi Classic units are of plug-in style with communication between the individual units over an internal bus. These modules are output units and have no effect on the logic set or the function of the upstream units.

The final sensor product Jason discusses in the video above is the i10 Lock safety locking device. Featuring a narrow plastic housing, this device can be easily and directly mounted on guard door frames. Different switching elements and a choice of rigid or mobile actuators make it very flexible, mechanically and electrically.

Three cable entry glands provide high flexibility of the electrical connection, with compatibility for M20 x 1.5 or M12 plug connectors. Quick device exchange can also be achieved due to variants with M12 plug connector.

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