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SICK Introduces Lector 620 Code Readers

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SICK  sets a new benchmark in identification technology with the introduction of Lector 620 image-processing code readers.  

Every industry has different demands regarding identification technology including reading speed, enclosure rating, space requirement and marking technologies.  

SICK’s new range of code readers offers an appropriate solution to meet diverse customer requirements. The image-processing code readers of the Lector 620 series are clever, simple, and very well suited for industrial applications.  

With their ability to decode all common types of codes with high reliability, Lector 620 series code readers are setting a new code reading standard in the area of product tracking and tracing.    

Lector 620 series code readers are suitable for applications in the pharmaceutical industry in addition to automobile manufacturing and document handling environments.  

Key features of Lector 620 series code readers: 

  • Compact construction with rugged metal housing up to one third smaller than previous 2D code readers
  • Compact design allows mounting in space-constrained areas
  • Real-time decoding detects reading problems in time and helps to eliminate them quickly
  • Easy and intuitive operation with laser alignment aid, parameterisation at the push of a button and LED display
  • Enables integration into numerous industry networks
  • Capable of identifying codes on packages reliably and tracking serial numbers and production dates
  • Suitable for applications where product safety plays an important role such as the pharma industry
  • Ensures retraceability of components and provides for individual production control in automobile manufacturing
  • Suitable for document handling, which requires high-speed reading of codes in inserting machines

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