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S100 compact laser scanner available from Sick

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With the S100 laser scanner, Sick opens up new possibilities for detecting objects, monitoring distances and preventing collisions in industrial environments.

Among other features, the compact and integration-friendly sensor solution offers a large scanning angle and switchable monitored fields. It is equally suitable for stationary and mobile use.

The two versions, standard and professional, offer a wide range of basic properties as well as application-specific functionalities for non-safety tasks.

The S100 supplements the family of compact laser scanners from Sick and is primarily designed for use in factory automation as well as handling and warehousing systems.

Typical applications include the monitoring of areas or surfaces, the detection of objects within a field, and detection tasks in which the use of reflectors on the objects is undesirable or problematic. Its low power consumption saves valuable battery capacity in mobile applications.

There is also a stand-by input with which the device can be switched to a passive mode. Moreover, the S100 offers maximum flexibility for indoor use with an operating temperature range of from -10°C to +50°C.

S100: large scanning angle, long range:

One of the important features of the S100 is its scanning angle of 270°. As a result, for example, reliable distancing of individual conveyor elements can be achieved on a Telpher system even in curves.

All-round monitoring can be achieved on smaller machines or equipment by installing devices in opposite corners.

In other applications, the all-round view of the S100 can even replace several standard sensors. The maximum switching field range is 10m with 45% reflectivity and even dark objects (with just 1.8% reflectivity) can be reliably detected up to a switching field radius of 2m.

Layered scope of functions for perfectly adapted solutions:

Building upon the shared features mentioned above, the S100 series offers two scanner variants with a layered scope of functions.

The S100 standard has two simultaneous switching fields with adjustable object resolution.

The S100 professional is the right choice for more complex tasks. The device solves them with the option of eight switching fields with an angular resolution of 0.5°, or 16 switching fields with an angular resolution of 1.0°, which can be switched via an automation system according to the process or requirement.

Simple integration and diagnosis:

Integration of the S100 in mobile or stationary machines and plant is easy because the scanner is compact (105 x 102 x 152 mm³) and only weighs 1.2 kg.

The connection cable is simply connected to screw terminals and can be led out via cable glands on the back or on the bottom of the housing.

The S100 is user-friendly, with its 7-segment indicator for rapid in-situ diagnosis and the configuration memory in the system plug offering plug & play (so that device replacement can be carried out without any assistance from software programs, if necessary).

Furthermore, the device can be directly integrated in the fieldbus level of the automation system of a vehicle or plant via CANopen.

Sick’s laser scanner technology together with the individually selectable scope of functions make the S100 series an economical automation solution for many non-safety applications.

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