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An inline inspection solution has been installed by the systems integrator OptoNova in the IKEA production line. Ranger E 3D measuring systems from Sick were used as central components.

The main force behind automated quality inspections is mass production which demands a high production speed with increasing cost optimization. At high speed, a manual inspection of product quality with regard to surfaces, edges and drill holes is impossible. Also, it’s important to stop defective products going through the entire production process all the way to packaging. Considerable process costs can be avoided by sorting out these defective products at an early stage.

The 3D camera system uses 2D and 3D measuring methods to reduce inspection time and additional sensor costs and to ensure the quality of the panels.

Swedwood has equipped the inline inspection stations with powerful and easy to integrate Ranger E 3D camera systems. They can produce high-precision 2D and 3D measurement results. This achieves precision recordings and the smallest defects can be detected reliably.

Since the camera systems can measure and evaluate several object properties, such as gray value, surface shine and light scattering (laser scatter), simultaneously, they proved to be particularly economic because the integration of additional, separate 2D camera systems was no longer necessary. Each camera is connected to an encoder that records the feed speed as part of the 3D measurement of contours. The Gigabit Ethernet interface ensures the transfer of the measuring results in real time to the machine controller as well as into documentation software.

Benefits of 3D measuring systems:

  • Defect boards are sorted out in an earlier stage of production process
  • Reduction of return shipments
  • Increased process efficiency and productivity
  • Ensuring product quality

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