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Proximity sensing distance tripled

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SICK presented its new Triplex series of inductive proximity sensors at the Hanover Industrial Fair in April.

The highlight of the device is its three-fold sensing distance that permits a larger mounting distance on machines or conveyor systems and thus allows protected installation, while simultaneously ensuring reliable detection even for metal objects with greater positioning tolerances.

These designs, in compact metal housings, complement the other devices in standardised M8 - M30 metal housings with fine threads already included in the wide range of optical and non-optical cylindrical sensors from SICK.

The Triplex series offers - in high unit numbers - the largest sensing distances on steel currently available on the market.

The detection distances are between 3mm with almost completely flush mounting of the M8 version and 40mm for the non-flush mounted M30 design.

The sensors supply high-quality results even if objects are difficult to detect, e.g. small or thin parts, wires or bright metals.

In addition to the large number of design dimensions, allowing range- and space-optimised sensor selection, numerous variants are available for different mounting situations, with N.C. or N.O. function, with NPN or PNP switching outputs, and with cable or plug connection, providing the optimum solution for almost every task.

The Triplex series offers particularly high levels of operational reliability thanks to its three-fold sensing distance.

The sensors can be mounted in a protected situation at a greater distance from the target object while simultaneously mastering larger position tolerances.

Moreover, the sensors have an enclosure rating of IP67 and are highly immune to impacts, vibrations, higher ambient temperatures and electromagnetic interference.

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