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article image VMS 420 measures real volumes.
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REAL volumes, for providers offering logistical, freight and package handling services, can now be reliably measured with the VMS 420 Volume Measurement System from SICK - and, if necessary, realistic supplemental fees can be charged.

In the transport business, weight and size determine how many packages or pallets can be loaded onto a truck. With the new VMS 420 Volume Measurement System it is now possible to measure the precise real volumes of cubic objects.

A space-occupied volume can be determined for non-cubic objects, allowing a sufficiently accurate box volume to be calculated.

In addition to the application software for object measurement, the VMS system consists of two sensor heads (VMS 420), installed above the conveyor system.

The VMS 420 measures cubic and irregular objects, with great precision at transport speeds of up to 2m/s. Accurate to within 5mm, the time-of-flight of the laser emitted by the sensor head(s) is evaluated and the box volume, or the real volume, calculated.

Together with the value provided by a weighing device and the read information from barcode scanners, all transport-relevant information on the most varied of objects can now be determined as actual data.

Any supplementary costs accruing to the sender arising as a result of this measurement can, in extreme cases, lead to amortisation of the VMS within a few days.

Volume measurement is so accurate that a certified, standardised complete solution is now possible. Thus the VMS 520 - the standardised version of the VMS 420 - is currently undergoing testing by the OIML (International Organisation for Legal Metrology) complying with recommendation 129 "for multi-dimensional measurement instruments".

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