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article image Combines accuracy, robustness, and immunity to ambient light.
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WITH the new DT20, SICK has supplemented its product family of analogue distance sensors with a device for ranges of between 90mm and 1000mm.

The sensor not only combines accuracy, robustness, immunity to ambient light, and simple installation but, on request, can also be pre-parameterised by SICK to meet application-specific requirements.

In its compact metal housing, the DT20 operates with an infra-red transmission LED and has a switching output in addition to its 4-20mA analogue output. A special front screen ensures the DT20's high immunity to ambient light.

The distance sensor's high measurement accuracy, resulting from the use of a specially developed sensor chip with electronic reciever and evaluation technology, is of decisive importance for many applications.

For example, ±4mm accuracy within the measurement range of 90mm to 600mm (largely independently of object reflectivity). Thus, numerous processes can be automated with a high level of precision, e.g. packaging applications, the measurement of filling levels, or the regulation of thread.

Trouble-free mounting

The DT20 offers unparalleled ease-of-installation. Transmitter/receiver markings on the housing act as an optical adjustment aid. The new plug technology combines functionality and flexibility: shorter and stronger, the 5-pin M12 device plug can now be rotated through 90° and connected in any position.

As a result, the DT20 can be optimally aligned with the particular target objects. A special mounting bracket is available for exceptional mounting situations.

Intelligent type key for plug & play use

Users can order the DT 20 directly as a plug & play version. This has been made possible by the intelligent type key integrated in the device order number. This allows the 4-20mA analogue output to be linked with an individually definable measurement range.

Thus, the user obtains a device that is immediately ready for operation and that can be re-ordered as an identical device years later - because the parameterisation data is contained in the type number on the device.

Within the programme of industrial distance sensors, the DT20 is positioned as a precise and, in very many ways, practical solution for analogue position detection at medium ranges.

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