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Platform completed with autofocus scanner, now available from Sick

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The CLV6xx barcode scanner platform from SICK offers customized solutions all the way to the high-end segment. Besides maximum reading results, noteworthy features include the intuitive parameterization and user interface, as well as the manifold possibilities for network and fieldbus integration.  

The laser scanners comprising the CLV6xx series offer scan frequencies up to 1,200 Hz for conveying speeds of up to 6 m/s, permitting a customized solution for different identification problems. Furthermore, various CLV6xx devices are also available as a variant with oscillating mirrors. Because of the processor technology used the devices also feature substantial performance reserves whose utilization allows achieving reliably high reading rates even with a view to demands growing in the future.

CLV650 – Reading everything

The new CLV650 is the high-end device in the series. For instance, in the reading field from 200 mm – 1,600 mm, the scanner features real-time autofocus with integrated distance measurement function, which ensures utmost reading reliability even for high plant throughput and the most diverse object sizes. On the device, this is visualized by a bar-graph display, which eliminates the need for checking reading performance by means of a PC. From the CLV620 fixed focus basic version upward, Ethernet on Board and integrated web server functionality for scanner diagnosis are just as much included in the scope of features and services as the reliable two-stage fieldbus concept with a separate connection box and the parameter cloning option for minimized device replacement times – either using a cloning module or, from the CLV630 up, micro SD card. Additional features are the SMART decoding algorithms that have been developed further.

Integrated intelligence

Furthermore, nearly all scanners can be considered to be ”intelligent,” since they are capable of recording and saving, e.g. contrast conditions, at the push of a button via two function keys, of activating the required barcode symbology’s, or of reading the contents of codes in a sorted manner and outputting them specific to the application. For this purpose, it is possible not only to adjust the data output flexibly by means of Wizzard technology but to process individual data segments separately and to output them via two different ports.

Simple operation and integration

The operating concept, which is second to none in simplicity, is based on the SOPASET software. It is an intuitive engineering tool across device types that offers the same look & feel for all devices from SICK from the connection assistant for network applications all the way to a diagnostic window that can be activated throughout the entire parameterization process. The event monitor visualizes the inputs and outputs of the CLV650, helping to vary parameters during start-up. Access to the device is “compatible with target groups.” Depending on the complexity of a task or the respective user, it is possible to permit different accessibility levels to the system parameters, e.g. for programming, start-up, service, and maintenance. On the one hand, this protects already parameterized data and it reduces, on the other hand, the number of parameters to the minimum level required in the respective scenario.

With respect to communication, all CLV6xxs are available with CAN-bus or with Ethernet interface. In addition, fieldbus gateways are available, allowing integration into Profibus DP and DeviceNet networks. Finally, the platforms offer a Multiplexer function enabling operation of the devices within SICK’s CAN sensor network.

Diagnostic tool supports preventive maintenance

Due to their suitability for networking, the scanners of the CLV6xx series provide the opportunity of remote maintenance – via the RDT400 remote diagnostics tool. Using graphic visualization permits monitoring and controlling the barcode scanners both locally on the respective device and centrally from a control computer or from any place in the world. Thus, it is possible to implement plant-specific solutions toward preventive maintenance.
High reading performance, simple parameterization, and manifold fieldbus options – the CLV6xx platform is very well prepared for top performance in barcode identification.

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