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Plant walkthrough with safety experts from Sick

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Safety strategies cannot be developed just at the drawing board. At the latest, therefore, after a walk through the plant with a safety expert, many clients are grateful for concrete proposals toward improving machine safety.

Safety as a company value

A poorly accessible emergency stop button, missing protection against access from behind, ”optimization” of a safety device that improves processes sometimes it’s the small things, in other instances serious flaws that render a machine theoretically made safe hazardous nonetheless. The associated risks of injury for employees and liability risks for responsible company staff can be prevented by a walk through the plant with a safety expert.  

Inspecting the plant, understanding the improvement potentials

The specifically trained safety experts from SICK are endowed with wide-ranging application expertise and have a firm grasp concerning the use of the relevant guidelines and standards. They view the possible risks of the machine from the aspect of the entire life cycle: from installation to start-up and on to regular operations and maintenance all the way to disposal. The experts identify the most important safety aspects related to all machines and facilities within a production plant, subsequently prioritizing them according to risk potential in order to make recommendations for effective safety strategies. Thus, the client gains an overview of the risks as well as a description of the residual risks that still exist.      

From the snapshot to the safety concept

The plant walkthrough represents a “snapshot” of the status quo in terms of safety technology. By means of this simplified approach, the plant operator obtains – at reasonable cost – an important planning instrument that can be used both as a basis for in-house organization and for cooperation with regulatory authorities. As a result, the customer has available concrete measures toward his or her safety strategy. Building on the findings of the “plant walk through,” it is then possible to initiate well-directed steps. To this end, SICK offer a complete portfolio ranging from "risk assessment” and preparation of safety concepts all the way to a detailed “machine safety inspection.”  

SICK provides accredited safety

SICK AG is accredited by DATech and carries out about 10,000 safety inspections a year. The independent confirmation of safety-related competence is testimony that SICK completes the specified tasks with utmost reliability and at the required quality. This guarantees objective results that are recognized internationally as well.

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