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Plant Walk-Throughs by Sick Help Assess Current Safety Status of Industrial Facilities

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Sick  specialises in a range of sensor solutions with applications in factory automation, logistics automation and process automation.  

Tour No. 37 discusses how plant walk-throughs with Sick specialists allow for a simple and fast assessment of the current safety status of machines and facilities.  

A plant walk-through conducted by safety experts from Sick at ITT Automotive Italy helped identify actual machine safety status as well as potential risk areas at the client’s facility for remedial action.  

ITT Automotive Italy, Division Friction Technologies is a leading worldwide supplier for the automotive industry. Approximately 100 million brake pads are produced annually for different car manufacturers at the factories in Termoli and Barge, Italy.  

With several people actively involved in various production processes, ITT Automotive Italy needed to find out the exact safety status of their machines and facilities in terms of meeting regulatory safety requirements.  

In particular, it was necessary to ensure that protective devices such as emergency stops, door locks and light grids were correctly integrated into the controller of the respective machines and that all hazardous movements had full protective coverage.  

Further attention was paid to ensuring correct safety distances to hazardous points and eliminating any possibility of bypassing the protective devices. It was also necessary to prevent the operation of control switches from within the hazardous area. These points were clarified together with Sick.  

Plant walk-through determines current safety status  

A technical safety assessment of ITT Automotive’s production facilities was performed through a plant walk-through with the safety experts from Sick. The walk-through provided a fast and precise assessment of the current safety status of machines and facilities directly on site.  

Key highlights of the plant walk-through

  • Critical safety aspects on all machines were identified and then prioritised according to risk potential
  • Besides the mechanical hazards, the assessment encompassed electrical, thermal and ergonomic aspects as well as operating sequences
  • The final evaluation by means of risk indices covered the possible extent of damage, probability and frequency of access

Based on the discoveries made during the plant walk-through, specific measures were introduced in both factories of ITT Automotive Italy.  

With their portfolio of products and services, Sick succeeded in combining the client's productivity requirements with its safety requirements for people and machines.  

Key benefits

  • Machine safety complies with directives and standards, preventing accidents and liability risks
  • Concrete recommendations for protective measures and safety strategies
  • Greater productivity via optimum combination of safety and process efficiency

By means of the plant walk-through with a safety specialist from Sick and the implementation of concrete proposals, ITT Automotive Italy is guaranteed machine safety that complies with directives and standards.  

Risks of injury for the employees and liability risks for the persons in charge of the company could be recognised and eliminated through implementation of concrete protective measures and safety strategies.  

Sick has more than 50 years of experience in industrial safety technology and provides its clients with the opportunity to obtain application-compatible sensor and control solutions as well as certified, technical safety services from a single source.

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