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SICK has released the W18-3 series of photoelectric switches. The WT18-3 photoelectric proximity switch allows scanning distances to be set electronically with precise background suppression.

The W18-3 series offers improved immunity to ambient light and mutual interference. Their housings have reinforced mounting holes, all-round LEDs and easy-to-clean flat optics. They are resistant to electromagnetic and passive sources of interference as well as local high-frequency mechanical vibrations.

The detection precision and adjustability of the WS/WE18-3 through-beam photoelectric switch and the WL18-3 photoelectric reflex switch have been considerably improved.

The WT 18-3 has chip technology that has been specially developed for scanners. This provides more precise detection results and allows electronic setting of the scanning distance with more accurate background suppression. Teach-in of scanning parameters can be carried out with an adjustment element.

Scanner versions are available with one-button or two-button teach-in and additional fine adjustment. Regardless of the teach-in mode, selected chip technology and electronic adjustment make definition of the work-points of all the scanners faster and more precise.

One-to-one mechanical and electrical integration allow simple upgrading to the new W18-3 when replacing the W18-2.

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