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Outdoor Laser Measurement Systems Detect People and Objects at Gated Railroad Crossings

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Outdoor laser measurement systems from Sick are efficiently monitoring gated railroad crossings in Sweden. Sick, a specialist provider of sensor solutions to industry has supplied the laser measurement systems designed to reliably detect people and objects at any time of the day and in any weather at railway crossings.  

The Banverket organisation is responsible for all aspects of the railways in Sweden. In addition to managing and running the Swedish rail network, Banverket is also involved in research and development for railway technology. This includes automatic monitoring of gated railroad crossings.  

After experimenting with various technologies for detecting people and objects such as radar and inductive loops unsuccessfully, Banverket turned to Sick in its search for a reliable, user-friendly, low-maintenance railroad crossing monitoring solution.  

In addition to the demands of outdoor application in harsh weather conditions, the strong electromagnetic fields from the overhead lines also posed a particular challenge. The customer chose Sick’s laser measurement systems for outdoor applications, which have been tried and tested in thousands of traffic applications the world over.  

Sick’s outdoor laser measurement systems monitor gated railroad crossings  

The LMS211 laser measurement system was identified as the most appropriate solution for outdoor applications by SICK and Banverket after detailed analysis of operational and environmental requirements.  

The hardware and software in these laser measurement systems fulfil all the requirements for trouble-free, reliable detection of people and objects. Additionally, the system offers resistance to harsh ambient conditions and is easy to install as well as maintain.  

Two laser measurement systems have been installed in the Swedish town of Hallsberg to monitor a gated railroad crossing. In order to protect them from damage and misalignment, the devices are mounted at a height of 3m.  

A fan-shaped laser beam enables the heated systems to detect people and vehicles in all weather conditions, at any time of day or night and regardless of the colour or surface of the clothing and vehicle paintwork.  

Key benefits of Sick’s laser measurement system:

  • Reliable monitoring without false alarms
  • Integration-friendly solution eliminates work on the road surface
  • Wastage-free and maintenance-friendly
  • Technology without health risks

A deciding factor in Banverket’s selection of the Sick laser measurement system was the 100% detection rate in all weather conditions and environmental influences.  

Key features:

  • High immunity to electromagnetic interference, guaranteeing maximum monitoring and functional reliability
  • Low installation and operating costs make Sick’s laser measurement systems the most economic solution
  • Non-contact system with maintenance-free operation

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