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OD max displacement sensor available from Sick

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OD max, the new sensor in the displacement series, sets a standard. The OD max’s accuracy, which has been improved by a factor of ten, opens up opportunities for automatically checking the presence of surfaces in industrial situations.

The OD max is available in three variants for operating distances of 30 mm, 85 mm and 350 mm.

High-end solution for demanding quality assurance

Accurate quality inspections during which the lack of even small parts, or a fine application of material, is detected reliably by the OD max. µ-accuracy can be carried out with the OD max, e.g. in electronics production or during surface inspections.

This has been made possible by a quantum leap in measurement accuracy, which in this device has been improved by a factor of 10 compared to other systems to its current 0.1% of the measurement area. The OD max can be operated in two different modes namely Basic Mode for rapid use, or Advanced Mode for applications requiring special fine tuning.

Flexible sensor concept

The evaluation logic of the OD max (i.e. the processing of measurement values and a variety of fundamental arithmetic functions required, for example, for measuring thickness) is located externally in a separate unit. Thus the optics head could be kept small – and therefore also suitable for installation where space is limited.

A further advantage of the OD max is that two sensors can be connected to a single evaluation unit, with settings made via its control panel.

Thus the OD max is needed when small objects require accurate measurement.The OD max is available from Sick.

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