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OD Precision displacement sensor available from Sick

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Improved accuracy, linearity, the finest of resolutions and material-optimised measurement algorithms – the name of the OD Precision, the fifth generation of displacement sensors from SICK , is also its message.

Sensor head variants for differing measurement ranges allow µ-accurate measurements of height profiles and material thicknesses (e.g. of glass) in numerous tasks.

This also applies for high-speed applications, because the OD Precision achieves measurement and output rates of up to 10 kHz.

The OD Precision series offers a range of advantages wherever µm-accurate, distance-measuring quality inspections, fine positioning or classification of objects is necessary.

Application-specific sensor heads
The OD Precision series offers a total of eight sensor head variants for five different measurement ranges – from the close-range version (24 - 26 mm) to the long-range design (300 - 700 mm).

The sensor heads for the shorter measurement distances are available with an extremely small or a wide light spot.

The use of a wide light spot ensures balancing over a larger area and eliminates possible interfering factors such as surface scratches. A further highlight of the OD Precision is its glass thickness measurement, for which the system only requires a single sensor head.

Can also be used without any evaluation unit
The OD Precision series offers two evaluation units – either NPN- or PNP-switching – to each of which up to three optic heads can be connected.

The internal balancing of the values from several sensors allows the solution of tasks in which difference measurement, e.g. for thickness, planarity or centricity, are required.

Particular attention was paid to simple operation in order to make this functionality as easy as possible to use. But the OD Precision also meets the highest of quality demands without an evaluation unit.

Here, the OD sensor head is directly integrated in the automation system of, for example, a robot or handling system, via an RS422 interface.

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