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OCR vision sensor watches available from Sick

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Sick  introduces CVS4 OCR vision sensor watches which is a rapid, compact plug and play image processing sensor particularly suitable for every type of label inspection.

The camera, optics, illumination and evaluation are accommodated in a single housing. Depending on the task, the reading results can be transmitted both as a switching signal and as a data set.

Further highlights include the trigger input for automatic increase of, for example, serial batch numbers and the internal clock that constantly updates both time and date.

At the heart of the CVS4 are the integrated high-speed signal processors and the 2-D CMOS image capture unit with 320 x 320 active pixels.

This technology makes the device particularly rapid as the CMOS chip can be contacted by the electronics like a digital storage switching circuit, the CVS4 also has short cycle times of just a few ms.

Further highlights of the series include longer working distances of up to 150 mm, a large field of view, several storable detection programs and the integrated monitor for menu guidance and status indication.

From simple inspection to demanding reading, numbers or letters on objects, e.g. packaging can be detected and compared with the previously taught-in reference label chain with the help of the optical character recognition (OCR) software integrated in the CVS4.

The sensor transmits a switching signal that depends on the result of this comparison (correct or incorrect). Whereby up to 30 incorrect images can be stored or logged in the device.

The CVS4 is not, however, only suitable for checking correctness but also for reading numbers and letters. 60 characters on up to six lines and in several formats, e.g. two dates and two times can be reliably identified.

A pre-defined library of characters is used for detection and this can be expanded with additional characters via the serial interface.

The CVS4 shows initiative as a total of 16 different reference codes can be stored in the sensor. A variety of optical versions permit character recognition within varying operating distances.

Moreover, the CVS4 is always up-to-date: the sensor can, for example, automatically raise a serial batch number via its trigger input.

The same applies for the internal clock as it ensures that at midnight the date changes to that of the next day.

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