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SAFETY systems from SICK allow several sensors to be connected to one evaluation unit, achieving savings on external relays.

SICK offers new solutions that meet industrial requirements for non-contact monitoring of doors and position.

Non-contact safety sensors offer a high level of availability with almost friction-free operation even in harsh plant environments.

Depending on the task involved, different physical principles allow systems to be designed for connecting several sensors to a single evaluation unit. Depending on the system, requirements up to EN954-1 Category 4 can be fulfilled.

The IN 3000 series is a tamper-proof inductive system with cuboid or cylindrical sensors that detect metal.

The switching range offers timed and spatial monitoring, eliminating the possibility of simple tampering. For example, opening a monitored door leads to a signal output to the control system triggered by the change in damping of the sensor's alternating electromagnetic field.

Each module can be connected to three IN 3000 S or six IN 3000 R sensor. This leads to savings in safety relays through the use of the evaluation modules of the IN series.

The RE 3000 series of magnetically coded reed sensors is used for non-contact monitoring of protective equipment. A switching signal is given out if the sensor fails to detect the magnetic code within its reading field.

The integrated manual restart and external contact monitoring functions, along with the connection of up to six sensors to the RE 3000's evaluation unit cuts relay and wiring costs.

The T 4000 multi system offers immunity to impacts and vibrations, protecting items from tampering. It also offers good availability even with mounting tolerances.

Sealed code carriers act as actuators that can be individually programmed and designed. The safety function is guaranteed only if a reading head identifies its specific actuator and a cut-off signal is provided if a different code or no code is present.

The reading field compensates for mounting tolerances so there is no need for further action such as subsequent adjustment of misaligned doors.Expenditure on external evaluation relays is cut by connecting up to four sensors to a single evaluation unit.

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