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SICK has released safety sensors for non-contact position monitoring. Non-contact safety sensors offer a high level of availability with largely friction-free operation.

The IN 300 and IN 3000 series are inductive systems whose optional cubic or cylindrical sensors detect the presence of metal. Integration of the manual restart and external device monitoring functions in the evaluation modules of the IN series bring about considerable savings in safety relays, as three (IN 300) or six (IN 3000) sensors can be connected to each module.

The RE 3000 series involves the use of magnetically-coded reed sensors for non-contact position monitoring. A switching signal is generated when the magnetic code is no longer in the reading field. Integrated manual restart and external device monitoring functions permit the connection of up to six sensors to the evaluation unit of the RE 3000 and cut expenditure on the corresponding relays and wiring.

T 4000 Multi systems offer impact and vibration immunity, protection against manipulation, and optimum availability even with mounting tolerances. Fixed cast code bearers serve as actuators that can be individually programmed and read out.

The safety function is only ensured when a reading head identifies its own actuator. A power-down signal is generated if there is a different code or no code at all.

The reading field compensates for tolerances caused as a result of mounting inaccuracies and prevents the need for subsequent re-adjustment of misaligned gates. The connection of up to four sensors to a single evaluation unit saves on the use of four external evaluation relays.

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