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New version incremental hollow shaft encoder from Sick

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The new DFS60 incremental hollow shaft encoder from Sick Stegmann demonstrates its strengths in the harsh environments of machine and plant construction, in particular.

The DFS60 incremental hollow shaft encoder’s broad operating temperature range is just as much a feature as its improved bearings, the numerous torque multipliers, the universal solution for the cable outlet, and the additional M12 and M23 connection plug options. The DFS60 meets the demands of the RoHS and has CE and UL approvals.

The DFS60 can achieve line numbers of up to 65,536. The incremental encoder is available in through and blind hollow shaft versions with six different diameters (from 8mm to 15mm) as installation options. The encoder’s universal cable outlet with radial and axial alignment reduces the diversity of variants and simplifies installation in locations where space is limited.

The DFS60 incremental hollow shaft encoder from Sick is also installation-friendly: the clamping ring for mounting the DFS60 has a single Torx screw. TTL and HTL interfaces offer all important electrical connection possibilities.

No eccentricity effects, no leakage currents:

While retaining the conventional 60mm housing, the distance between the DFS60’s two ball bearings has been increased to achieve a hitherto unattainable vibration-free
and optimum concentric running, even at maximum rotational speeds.

Thus the detected speed values are not influenced by mechanical eccentricity or tolerance effects that express themselves in other encoders as fluctuations on the curve of measurement values.

A further improvement involves the insulation between the motor shaft and the encoder, which prevents leakage currents moving from the motor shaft to the encoder bearings and damaging them.

Highly immune to impacts and high temperatures:

The DFS60 achieves high robustness, coupled with maximum precision, as a result of its IP 65 housing and the use of a metal code disk.

The operating temperature range of the DFS60 incremental hollow shaft encoder is from -20°C to +100°C.

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