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New series mini ultrasonic sensors available from Sick

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Sick  has developed the new UC4 series of mini ultrasonic sensors for object detection when space is limited with difficult surfaces and other detection tasks with high demands.

With its narrow ultrasonic lobe, and background suppression that is adjustable with millimetre accuracy, the UC4 sensors are capable of reliably solving detection tasks with heightened precision demands even under difficult conditions.

Thus highly dark and reflective surfaces, objects that are optically difficult to detect (such as polycrystalline, nitrite-coated solar cells) with textured surfaces, reflective backgrounds, or difficult contours are all reliably detected by the sensors of the UC4 series due to their ultrasonic technology.

Versions for differing conditions of use:

All UC4 sensors offer a unique combination of compactness, advanced ultrasonic technology and precise background suppression. They all share the roughly sugar-cube-sized compact housing, familiar from the photoelectric proximity switches of SICK’s WT4 series, already on the market.

The differences lie in their ranges and temperature compensation: the economy version does not have the latter feature and offers a range of 150mm, while the Standard version has temperature compensation in the ultrasonic head and can detect objects at distances of up to 250mm.

Rapid starting, flexible switching:

All UC4 versions offer teach-in within seconds and are available in NPN and PNP designs, as well as with invertible switching output. Further operating modes, such as Window mode or use as a reflex switch, underline the versatility of this series of sensors.

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