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New photoelectric proximity switch from Sick

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Sick  is presenting the new WT12-3 photoelectric proximity switch for the first time at the SPS/IPC/Drives 2007 trade fair in Nuremberg.

The sensor’s important features are its robust design, precise switching behaviour, electronic (thus accurate and drift-free) adjustment of background suppression, and intelligent diagnostic possibilities through I/O Link.

Process reliability under harsh operating conditions is the top priority for the WT12-3. For this reason, the photoelectric proximity switch has a robust, highly pressure-resistant metal housing that meets the demands of enclosure rating IP69k. Immunity to detergents, disinfectants and lubricants opens up numerous areas of use in harsh operating environments within a temperature range of minus 40°C to  plus 60°C.

The WT12-3 is available with an optional Teflon coating if more extreme demands are to be met.

Integrated precision:

Demanding applications, in which accuracy is vital, can be reliably solved with the WT12-3. Among other factors, this is due to the small, precise light spot with which objects are accurately detected, whereby interfering optical reflections from the surroundings are reliably suppressed. The short response time ensures unfailing detection at rapid process speeds.

Available with foreground or background suppression:

Depending on the task, the WT12-3 photoelectric proximity switch can be selected with foreground or background suppression. Both are electronically adjusted – optionally with a classic potentiometer or through the new and particularly simple teach-in.

During operation, two indicator LEDs on the device (offering all-round visibility) provide information on the current state of the WT12-3’s operating voltage and its light reception.

In the fieldbus environment via I/O link:

The WT12-3 is I/O-Link-enabled and can be parameterised and monitored remotely via fieldbus. Settings and operating states can be logged and stored, and can then be called up at any time. This permits preventive maintenance and servicing measures.

The risk of costly machine downtimes is enormously reduced, and the equipping time is considerably shortened should a product change become necessary.

Perfect fit:

The WT12-3 photoelectric proximity switch perfectly matches the machine’s constructive conditions. A variety of mounting possibilities, e.g. dovetail clamp or a pivoting connection system, allows particularly flexible mounting solutions.

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