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New multiple light beam safety device

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Available from Sick , the M4000 series of multiple light beam safety devices has grown: there are two new “Advanced Curtain” variants with resolutions that have been increased to 14mm and 30mm. 

This means that a person is now detected sooner, and the switch-off signal is transmitted correspondingly earlier. Thus the systems can be used even closer to the hazardous area. This is especially advantageous for decentralised muting solutions in machine environments with limited space.

The M4000 series is available as Standard, Advanced, or Area versions, depending on the functions required. The new M4000 Advanced Curtain combines the functions of the multiple light beams of the Advanced version with a multibeam concept offering considerably improved resolution. Thus the protective equipment moves closer to the machine – of benefit wherever mounting space for muting stations is limited.

The advantage: decentralised muting with the UE403 on the machine itself

The basic function of the two M4000 Advanced Curtains is to protect access. Functions such as an RS-232 configuration interface on the device, beam coding, restart interlock, external device monitoring, and Safety Data Link (SDL) interface for network or fieldbus integration increase supplementary automation advantages in many applications. 

The UE403 muting switching device (which can be mounted on the multiple light beam safety device itself) is used if the actual application requires reliable differentiation between persons and materials during automatic material transport.  

With an M4000 Advanced Curtain it is now possible to set up a muting station that is even shorter – and thus more economical – if, for example, one hazardous area closely follows another, or a hazardous machine is installed directly behind a curve in the conveyor system.  

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