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New SICK RFU630 UHF-RFID system for factory and logistics automation

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Leading technology specialist in factory and logistics automation as well as process automation, SICK introduces the RFU630, a new UHF-RFID system that combines high-performance hardware and intelligent software to solve some of the most demanding auto ID tasks in industrial automation.
Setting new standards for automatic identification with RFID, the RFU630 is an industry-oriented compact device with an integrated antenna and the capacity to connect up to three external antennas if required.
The capabilities of SICK’s RFU630 UHF-RFID system make it suitable for diverse applications from solving tasks in factory automation such as identification or distribution of car body parts, to logistics automation involving pallet identification or yard logistics.
The RFU630 is currently available in four variants for use in Australia, Europe, China and the USA.
Several passive transponders can be detected simultaneously in a group thanks to its anti-collision features. All data carriers that comply with the EPC global and ISO 18000-6 standards are reliably detected.
The RFU630 is an ideal solution for detecting objects labelled with transponders in goods flow in diverse environments from production plants or stationary conveyor systems to picking areas and distribution centres. Its compact design allows the read-write system to be installed rapidly, easily and in restricted spaces.
Key features of the RFU630 UHF-RFID system: 

  • Ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID solution for industrial environments
  • Solves common industrial applications without any external middleware via integrated application management software
  • Integrated filter and data management system allows use of the device as a standalone solution
  • IDpro compatibility allows easy and cost-efficient integration in common industrial environments
  • Different options for parameter cloning between systems reduce maintenance time
  • Integrated feedback LED can be used to read diagnostics or process feedback
SICK is one of the world’s leading producers of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications.

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