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At the SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2006 trade fair in Nuremberg, Sick is presenting two new versions of what is still the world’s only 3D smart camera: the IVC-3D. 

While the IVC-3D 30 has been specially designed to view small and miniature parts, the IVC-3D 300 version focuses on large objects such as loaded pallets – and is thus ideal, for example, as a sensor for the visual guidance of robots. 

Like all the other IVC-3D systems, the new versions also leave the factory already calibrated. These smart cameras are also quickly ready for operation as data output takes place in mm.

Three-dimensional object inspection and the checking of features – the programmable IVC-3D Industrial Vision Camera is suitable for solving the most varied of industrial tasks. 

Unlike conventional image processing systems, both the IVC-3D 30 and the IVD-3D 300 are capable of detecting geometrical features regardless of their brightness. Both systems operate with a line of laser light whose reflection is evaluated in a triangulation process. The laser optics are integrated directly in the housing. As a result, no adjustment is necessary and there is a stable geometry between the illumination and the camera, which remains uniform throughout the entire inspection process.

Precise detection even at differing speeds Whether plastic parts or pallets, both new versions of the IVC-3D combine up to 5,000 profile sections to form a real 3D image. The height information is ”encoded” as grey values during image evaluation. 

The generation of a realistic depiction of test-pieces is even possible if the objects pass by the measurement window at varying speeds. This is no problem for the 3D smart cameras because an incremental encoder can be connected via an RS-422 input for speed and position measurement. Thus objects can also be detected with a high level of precision even if speeds are irregular.  

Variety of potential uses

Offering versatile programming and multipurpose utilisation, the two IVC-3D versions – depending on the object size to be detected – are the ideal solution for numerous inspection tasks in, among others, the food and packaging industries, production processes, or robot and handling systems. For users with expertise in image processing, the two 3D smart cameras can be programmed flexibly and – thanks to the comprehensive library of image processing functions – individually, while offering an extremely economical alternative to conventional 3D image processing systems.

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