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Networked safety sensor diagnosis from any location

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article image Safety technology can now be integrated with the SICK OPC Server.
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THE new SICK OPC Server delivers the status and diagnostic data of electro-sensitive SICK protective equipment and safety controllers in a visualised form within a company network.

The data from decentrally installed systems, for example, the C4000 safety light curtain, the M4000 multiple light beam safety device, the S3000 safety laser scanner and the V4000 safety camera sensor, as well as safety controllers such as the UE440/UE470, can now be called up and processed from any location to meet the needs of production, process control and management.

Early fault detection, preventive maintenance and the rapid correction of problems are important factors for the production and process levels.

OPC is a software interface for automating production and supports more than 3,000 products worldwide.

The world of safety technology can now be integrated with SICK OPC Server. It can be implemented within every common fieldbus system, such as Profibus/-safe and Ethernet, via appropriate SICK gateways.

Two licensed solution packages are available on the software side - the Basic OPC Server Read-Only and the Advanced OPC Server: Read/Write. Their OPC Active-X visualisation elements are familiar and are easily implemented in the operator interface.

The SICK OPC Server provides comprehensive clarity. The status and diagnostic functions of intelligent safety systems are displayed in plain text in Production. It is also possible to reconfigure individual systems remotely from here.

All system information from the SICK OPC Server can be used at the management level, such as controlling tasks.

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