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Muting module for electro-sensitive protective equipment

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SICK has released the UE 49 muting module, allowing muting functions that differentiate between people and materials to be set up for electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE) possessing an actively monitored switching output.

The device is particularly suitable for use with C 2000, M 2000, C 4000 and FGS safety light curtains, the S 3000 safety laser scanner, and the MSL multibeam photoelectric safety switch. A variety of combinations are specified regarding the number of connectable ESPEs and muting sensors.

The UE 49-2 (with two N.O. contacts and an N.C. output contact), and the UE 49-3 muting modules (with three N.O. contact outputs) allow the guard-only operation of two-channel SICK ESPEs in compliance with EN 61496-1 with and without a muting function. In guard-only operation with a muting function the modules reliably differentiate between people and transported material entering the hazardous area of a machine on the basis of the sequence of signals from two or four muting sensors. When transported material is detected the monitoring function of the particular ESPE is muted for the duration of the transport through the safety light beams. The existence of the muting state (which can be set from 10 seconds to unlimited) is displayed by a monitored muting warning light.

The UE 49 offers a variety of configuration possibilities for operating ESPEs. Up to three ESPEs can be connected for exclusive guard-only operation without muting. A maximum of two single-channel muting sensors is permissible in the case of cross-shaped installation when two two-channel ESPEs are connected.

If only one ESPE is operated via the muting module, up to four muting sensors can be connected one after another. Four LEDs on the front panel of the IP 20 device housing provide status and diagnostic information. Function settings are carried out via four rotary switches located in a tamperproof position behind the front panel. The UE 49's features provide the necessary flexibility to cover differing muting requirements and conditions in a machine or plant.

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